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Samura knives

Thanks @samuraknives for sending me over this amazing knives set.

Black and bolyard

Thankful for this collaboration in between @eatwoodspoon and @blackandbolyard as featuring their product in my recipes.

Riso Pozzi

Proud of the collaboration with a this high quality Italian product. #whereismyrisotto

The Pozzi family handed down from father to son the passion for the cultivation of this precious cereal in the Landriano Farmstead where the first rice stack has been standing for more than 200 years.

Pomodoro Mutti

Proud of this collaboration with Pomodoro Mutti, a tomatoes sauce known all over the world. My mom has been using it since, sadly, my family stopped producing homemade sauce, which was a seasonal tradition in our town, at the end of every summer.

Wood Spoon

My collaboration with Wood Spoon has been an incredible source of inspiration for me. Cooking home made that will be delivered to clients home make me so proud of my passion and commitment to Italian culinary traditions.

Mela Annurca

These hand made paper products bring me straight home, where simplicity and authenticity are the keys.

Thank @melaannurca for sending me these incredibly sweet gifts.

“Annurca” is a historically old cultivar of domesticated apple native to Southern Italy, it is one of the symbols of Campania presumably at least since two millenniums ago.


Bringing people together and celebrate life Italian culture. This is what @eatwith has been meaning for me. Thank you for supporting me.

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