Al fresco | Supper club

At our supper club we take you on a journey to Italy and back in one night

After many years of dinners at home (from Milan to New York,  passing for Naples and Puglia)  with friends we decided it was not enough to share our passion for food and hospitality only with our close friends, so we thought it would be much more fun  and challenging to open our kitchen and our passione to anyone who would be interested. Curious, 

  “Sharing the same table, talking to new people, tasting real Italian homemade food: that’s the fun experience !”

Based on our Authentic Italian experiences, made of  traditions and family knowledge  we took the decision to start hosting dinners in our little apartment in the East Village. A brick and mortar living room full of soul, memories and personalities. 


Our table is always nicely set and very inviting. Flowers, colors, mighty details will be joy to your eyes.


What make our dining experience so special, is our genuine authenticity, which is reflected in every dish,


Around our table it’s all about good care, good vibes and fun. We are Italians after all, we know how to treat guests.

“The impression Giuseppe gave me was that he genuinely enjoyed to host & cook for us and share food that he cherishes from back home and through that allowed us to experience Italian culture in a very intimate setting. It was very special and the group dynamic was obviously magical! ”


feel “amato” for one night

Listen to our beloved Italian song. Get in the mood for our dinner …

“If music be food of love, play on” – William Shakespeare
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