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Amato Cibo is a journey inside the intimate sides of a Naples native architect and dreamer, Giuseppe, who through his love for food and hospitality is trying to find his happy place in New York City. 

Giuseppe is driven by the need to share his passion for food and hospitality, creating an intersection in between design and culinary innate skills, with the aim to create a synthesis and represent the “Italian Excellences”. 

Giuseppe brings to the dining table everything people love & dream about Italy: a very warm hospitality, unique flavors, timeless style.

As creating unforgettable culinary experiences, bespoke catering, Interior Spaces and Product Design, his mission is making people feel good and “loved” the way he has been feeling all life, or better “amato” like a real Italian.

Our evening with Giuseppe with nothing short of amazing. The food, atmosphere, drinks and most of all our hosts were simply outstanding. Giuseppe greeted us with a beautiful cocktail characteristic of his home in Naples, the table was set with beautiful linens and spring flowers and the food was out of this world.

Morienne & Diane

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